Next Gen Movement was started on the back of the biggest protest in Nottingham history, campaigns and the community are at the heart of our organisations. 

We want to be the trusted organisation that the community feel they can come to, raise issues and believe that we will help them to make a change. See below our current and past campaigns. 


We demand an investigation into HMP Nottingham officers

Our current campaign began when we were contacted by a concerned mother who's son was was assaulted by an officer in HMP Nottingham. Following on from this we conducted research into the prison and found there were a number of incidents that have happened where inmates either were assaulted, experienced medical negligence or mental health issues which resulted in over 12 suicides in a year. 

You can see the full campaign and sign the petition here 

We also have put together a letter than you can send to your local MP thorugh this website to help us with the campaign and also make the people in charge aware of these issues. 

Click here to find a link to the letter - please remember that you will receive an email after signing the petition and sending the email that you will need to click on to confirm.