Following on from the BLM protests, we understand that education plays a key factor in fighting against racism. There are a number of ways in which we believe that education can make a huge impact on children. Below are some of the ways we want to help educate young people:

  • Changing the school curriculum to include full black history, giving a true and accurate representation to historical figures and events; 

  • Extracurricular activities - after school sessions diving further into diversity and inclusion in the community in a fun way;

  • Global youth partnership - cross country communication enabling children to have friends in different countries to share experiences and;

  • Guest speakers to go into schools at least once a month such as community leaders, business owners and local organisations.

Black History Week Project

Changing the school curriculum is not at all easy- however, we introduced the Black History Week Project. During Black History Month, we delivered a week long project to schools in Nottingham. We spoke about real black history - Black British history, black culture and celebrate black historical figures as well as local inspirational people from the city. 

We have a big focus on continuing the conversation around racism with pupils and we have our antiracism sessions that we can run online or face to face find out more about these sessions here