Our vision for employability involves improving the recruitment process while protecting individuals dignity at work should they be subject to any form of discrimination or prejudice. We have identified a number of specific areas we’d like to focus on reforming or removing in the employability sector:

  • Providing non-generic diversity training in the workplace - identifying microaggressions and understanding black culture;

  • Helping those from the BAME community to build their own business and supporting their career goals to boost their chance of success;

  • Working with youth offenders in the community to give them a second chance and show them that they can succeed and;

  •  Reforming recruitment processes - such as trailing blind CV’s.


Building the community 

The community is at the heart of everything we do, we want to build up our community in the community. We do this in a number of ways; 

  • Black Business Spotlight - we showcase a black business across our social media platforms which we have a following of over 5000.

  • Building businesses with young people - we run a number of business focused workshops within schools and colleges across the city to help young people get into business. 

  • Connecting the community - We help to connect employers with potential employees whether its through volunteers, work experience or full time work. We want to help businesses find the right people for them.