The protest was a result of the community uniting together and we believe this is the reason for engagement to be one of our values. One element of our Engagement lens focuses on the renewing and re-opening of local community centres and running workshops.

The second element focuses on working with Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire Police to raise issues and concerns voiced by the community. 

Our aim is to:

  • Provide workshops and training sessions for children aged 8 - 18. Some examples include Black History, Social Media Marketing and Video Editing which will take place outside of school/college hours.  

  • Work with Nottinghamshire Police to resolve issues put forward by the community; looking into Stop and Search statistics and figures; their recruitment processes and training. 

  •  Hold events, seminars and workshops for all ages to keep the conversation going around inequality. 


Community Workshops Project

We created a public survey which obtained over 500 responses in 3 days.

The results showed that many young people wanted spaces where they can obtain various experiences in numerous potential career sectors. We later held a youth focus group where a handful of BAME youths attended and gave us ideas for our workshops.

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