Community Workshops

Our first major project will be our Community Workshops Project launching in August, which centres around delivering accredited workshops to youth between 8 and 18. As oppose to the usual sports sessions that are delivered these workshops will teach the youth employability and life skills.

We identify a lot of inequalities when it comes to work/life experience of those from those at a disadvantage, particularly from the BAME community. The need for these workshops is to help improve diversity in career sectors and intervene at a crucial point in the youths lives to steer them in a clear direction from an early age. This can help improve unemployment and crime rates locally. Workshops are to run for around 6 weeks at a time and provide accreditation for those upon completion - mentoring and signposting will be ongoing after each workshop.

Working in close partnership with Helping Kids Achieve and The Pythian Club we are delivering a range of workshops from August 2020.

Anyone from the Nottingham community who wants to build employability skills or find hobbies will be able to attend.

Due to COVID19 guidelines we will only be able to permit 5 people per workshop. 

To apply for one of the workshops please compete the contact form below, you must be able to attend for workshops for the full 6 weeks. 

We currently have a Go Fund Me Page for anyone that would like to donated towards to cost of running the workshops

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