Youth Workshops

We deliver a range of workshop for young people age 11 - 19 inside and outside of schools we focus on developing young peoples skill sets through create and business focused workshops. Our workshops can range from one session to 6 week sessions depending on the demand and workshop required. 

List of workshops:

Business Challenge

Life Skills 

DJ Lessons 

Music Production 

Filming and Video Editing 

Digital Marketing 


Poetry and Lyric Writing 


Our mentoring sessions are focused on young men who are at risk of being involved in crime or those who are already involved in that lifestyle. Our mentors are men with life experience who have been involved in crime in the past and have now turned their life around. Through research we have found that young men are more likely to be receptive to mentoring from people they can relate to. 

Our mentoring programme is delivered on a long term basis with a personal development plan for each young person we work with. 

If you have a young person who would benefit from mentoring please email us