5 Reasons to Quit Your Job and Go Travelling

Travelling to a new country is an experience that lives with you forever, not only is it a great conversation starter you are also creating life long memories. Exploring new cultures, seeing new sites and best of all (in my opinion) trying new authentic dishes. I would say that millennial's, more than any other generation before us are wanting to travel and see the world. In fact a study showed that 47% of millennial's would rather travel the world than buy a house.

I can definitely say I am in that 47%, I have never wanted the standard life of finishing University, get a good job, buy a house and have kids. If you’re reading this post chances are that you are the adventurous type who also likes to travel and may be planning your next adventure as we speak. You also might be the person who is considering leaving the corporate life to go and enrich your soul in culture from living in another country. Of course some people have commitments and can’t just up and leave, but I still encourage you to make the most of your days off and plan short city breaks to keep you motivated.

I have decided to take the plunge and in April 2019 I will be leaving England to go on a year of adventures. I am still in the planning phase and not entirely sure where it is I will end up, however one thing I do know is I will be swapping my corporate trousers and shirts for bikinis.

Here are 5 reasons that you should quit your job, pack your bags and travel the world.

You hate your job

Very simple, if you are not enjoying your job and it’s not taking you on the career path you want to be on you shouldn’t need any more reasons. If you wake up every morning wondering why you chose the job, make a plan to save enough that in a few months or a year you can get out of there. This will be more than enough reason to wake up in the morning, figure out how much you need and start saving.

You’re bored of your everyday routine

If the idea of constantly doing the same thing every week for the next year fills you with dread, it’s time to enrich your soul. This is my main reason for going travelling, I’m stuck in the same Monday to Friday routine, and it’s honestly so daunting to think that this time next year I’ll be doing the same thing. If like me you find the idea of living in new counties exciting then its time claim your happiness and change the routine.

You have no commitments

If you are single (or have a partner that wants to travel), don’t have any children yet and are currently renting, this is your perfect time. There will come a life in your time when you find your perfect partner, dream job or start wanting to have children and by that time (traditionally) it’s too late. The amount of times I have been told by people in their 40's and 50's how they wish they would have done more with their life before having children.

I told my boss that I would be leaving in April and she was thrilled for me (not the reaction I was expecting) but she also said she wished she would have done more travelling in her 20's. We have all the time in the world to settle down, why not take a year out to live a little.

Money is an excuse

I remember when I went travelling around America for three weeks in 2016 and I got asked so many times ‘How did you afford that?’ ‘Did your parents help you?’ From the outside looking in it may have looked really expensive, but in actual fact I am one of those people that decide to do something and then figure the rest out later. Also any travelling that I have done past the age of 16 has been fully funded by myself.

Luckily I am one of those savvy people that find really good deals, like my upcoming trip to Milan which in total cost me £65! Also I am a person that will work three jobs if I have to in order to save enough to go on a new adventure. Another thing to consider is how much money we spend on things we don’t really need and if we really analyse this we can come up with a savings plan.

Although I’d love to be able to travel freely without working for a year, this is very unrealistic so to fund my travelling I will be working in any country I travel to. After lots of research, the easiest way to travel abroad is to teach English abroad, you can teach in almost every country in the world and some offer 3 – 6 months placements.

Life’s too short

One thing that 2018 taught me was that life really is too short, we never know what is around the corner and let’s face it we aren’t getting any younger. We should all be living in the moment and embracing every opportunity that comes to us. Taking a year out to meet new people, create memories and do something that makes you happy won’t make a difference to your life back home.

I am speaking from experience, in 2014 I went go and live in Boston, USA for 6 months, half way through I got homesick and decided to come home early. I can honestly say was the biggest mistake I ever made. I was only home a few days before I realised that nothing had changed here, and I wanted to get on the next plane back.

The list of reasons is endless but these are the 5 reasons that I considered when making the big decision.

Travel because it makes you feel alive, lets you do things you could never do in your home country and more importantly because we have the freedom to do so.

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