Do You Know Your Target Audience?

One of the first questions I ask my start up clients is "do you know your target audience?" Most people will answer with 'everyone' which really means that they don't have a clear picture of who they are targeting. To some degree 'everyone' may seem like the right answer if you're a drinks company or a singer, but in order to sell your brand you need to know exactly who you are targeting.

As a coach for creative people who want to grow their business, my audience could be anyone that's creative, but how do I work out a marketing strategy for 'everyone'?

If you're a start up business, before you even begin to sell or promote your product you need to understand who you're selling to, which is why I created this target audience exercise. This simple 10 question exercise will define your audience and help you to market correctly to each audience.

Below is an image of my defined target audience for my business coaching, Rachel is a website designer that is currently working full time for a firm and wants to start her own business.

I could sell to Rachel by following her on Instagram or by meeting her at a networking event. As Rachel likes to buy from small businesses she would be interested in working with another small business, as an informed buyer she would benefit from my complementary meet up to find out more about business coaching before committing herself.

Target Audience Exercise

1. Why are your target audience buying your product or service?

2. What demographic do your target audience fall into?

3. What are their hobbies?

4. What needs, challenges and frustrations do they have?

5. How does your idea, service, or product help your target audience?

6. What are their buying habits?

7. What are their attitudes and values?

8. Where can you find them? Online and offline

9. How can you best reach your target audience?

10. Where can they find you?

You can create an image as I did above which will give you a visual of who this person is, save this as a file on your laptop so you can always go back and refer to this when deciding your marketing strategy.

If you use Facebook ads for marketing they ask you to answer questions relevant to your target audience such as demographics and interests, you can refer back to the model when answering the questions.

You will usually have 3 - 5 types of customers who will buy your product or service, for example my second target audience is completely different to 'Rachel'.

Steve James is someone who would attend my Social Media Marketing for Beginners workshop, he wants to learn how to use Social Media to help grow his business. Steve only uses Facebook so I would sell to him by targeting his demographic with my Facebook ads, as Steve is an informed buyer and sceptical about social media I may have to answer questions about to workshop before he decides to buy a ticket.

Defining your target audience helps you to have a clear idea about the way to market and sell your products to different types of customers.

Even if you have been in businesses for years, you can use this tool to redefine your target audience and grow your business with a new audience.

Drop me a message and let me know if the target audience exercise helped you.

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