Finding Your Why

Like 90% of millennial's you have probably asked yourself "What is my purpose in life?" this is one of the most complex questions you will ever ask yourself. Some people figured this out from a young age and have spent their lives working towards achieving this goal, but for others its something we spent a great amount of time thinking about.

I have always wanted to know the answer to this question, I remember being 12 years of age and my dad asking me "What do you want to be when you're older? You need to figure it out and then spend the next four years working on it." At the time I wanted to be an actor, I had it all planned out, I was going to get an A* in my GCSE's then go to Brit school at 16. I went to a TV workshop and did achieve the A* however, I didn't get to Brit school and after studying performing arts at A Level I end up losing my passion for acting. I was 17 and had no clue what I wanted to do with my life (like most other 17 year old's), so I decided to go to university to study Events Management. I thought I had found my purpose again but after 5 years of working in Events, I realised this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life.

In November 2018 after spending a year dedicated to figuring out what it is I want to do, I finally had a breakthrough. I read blogs, watched videos, read books, and went to see psychic to try and figure this out, what I did find out is the answer was within me the whole time. So I'm going to share with you what I did and try to help you to find your 'why'.

What are you passionate about?

One of the first things I did was to figure out what is it I am passionate about. Some questions to help you figure this out are;

What activity do you do now that you really enjoy doing?

What are your values and morals?

Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive, then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." - Howard Thurmon

What did you want to do at 10 years of age?

Thinking back to what we wanted to do when we were younger is one of the most important questions, at this age we didn't understand limitations. Also something that millennial's were told when we was younger is that we could be anything we wanted to be. If you told your teacher you wanted to be an astronaut you could of been one. As I mentioned earlier at 12 I wanted to be an actor but at 10 I wanted to be an archaeologist.

What we take away from this is the why behind the idea, I wanted to be an archaeologist because I've always been a curious person and I like to learn new things.

What skills do you have?

Over the years we have all developed skills that we can use to understand our 'why', whether they are business skills like communication or sales, or a creative skills like writing or dancing. This can be a something that you find easy to do and have a hard time figuring out why its difficult for others.

On a piece of paper physically write down all of the skills you posses, you should have at least 10.

What skill do you want to learn?

If money was out of the equation what is something you have always wanted to be able to do but never took the time to learn. It could be learning how to sew so you can make your own clothes, learning how to cook a certain dish or even learning how to create a PowerPoint presentation. Make a list of three skills you want to learn and out of those three choose one to take forward this year.

What does success look like to you?

Everyone's answer to this question will be different, does success mean being a millionaire, having a million followers on Instagram, ending world hunger or just simply making a difference in someone's life. You need to be able to measure your success in order to recognise it when it arrives.

If you had one year to live what would you do and how would you want to be remembered?

When I went to the internet to google how to find my life purpose I came across Mark Manson's website and found this question. A lot of people would live their lives differently if they only had a year to live, we would figure out whats important and take away anything that didn't serve a purpose.

What stories would you want people to tell about you at your funeral? As morbid as it sounds it's something that happens at every funeral, they aren't going to talk about how well dressed you were or how amazing your car is. They are going to tell heart warming stories about what you did in your life, so start working towards that now.

After answering all of those questions and also thinking about what would really make me jump out of bed in the morning, I found the answer. For me it wasn't just one answer nor did I think about spending the rest of my life doing it. Instead I came up with a job that I would enjoy doing now, and also an end goal, something that I couldn't do right now but I could do it within the next 5 years. I then wrote down the master plan and set myself small everyday goals that can help me to get to where I need to be.

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