First Blog Post Feels

So here it is my first blog post of 2018 and in my life! I have been meaning to start this blog since 1st January however, as you will learn I am a big procrastinator. 

This is something that I am hoping to tackle this year and to help any of my reader who are like me to overcome this trait.

So an introduction to who I am, what I stand for, and all things you can expect from this blog. So, I am currently a 22 year old female university graduate living in Nottingham, UK. I work at the council and put on my own events. I am a true millennial looking to find a way to earn amazing money, work smarter - not harder and be my own boss! I am a lover of motivational speeches, blogs and books. 

Through this blog, I want to share my knowledge with other millennials about positive thinking, motivation and making huge lifestyle changes. I want to write motivational statements, interview other young entrepreneurs and build a blog that inspires everyone. I have decided that 2018 is the year that I maintain a positive attitude and completely follow the law of attraction to live the life I have dreamed!

I realised that I work better with even numbers, weirdly enough I find I achieve and have amazing years that end in even numbers. 2014 I decided to go and live in Boston USA, 2016 I travel through America going to NYC, Vegas and Miami so I am so excited for what 2018 will bring! 

One of my other negative traits along with procrastinating is that I spend way too much of my time on social media, aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, finding out what Susan had for dinner. This is not going to help me achieve my goals, so I decided at bed time and in the morning to swap social media for my books.

I am currently engaged in three books;

The Magic by Rhonda Bryne

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The 5 second Rule by Mel Robbins

I would definitely recommend these book’s if you haven’t already read them.

The Magic is a 28-day plan, which focuses on gratitude and rewiring your brain to become positive. I have tried to do this plan many times and never managed to do the full 28 days. 

Think and Grow Rich I have read a few pages / chapters of this book every week, it’s a great book to which offers insights into how people become rich. 

My new favourite, which I have as an audio book, is The 5 Second Rule; this book has already transformed my morning routine. The aim of this book is to get your ass into gear and stop procrastinating and putting off things, which are going to help your future. The idea is that anything you want or need to do you have to do within the first 5 seconds of having the thought, if you don’t your brain will come up with excuses of why you shouldn’t. Like Mel I am terrible for hitting the snooze button in the morning but 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and I’m up at 6am turn my light on and start my day.

I am hoping that by reading these books everyday it will kick start my year and I will be motivated to attack my goals and achieve everything I have planned.

Three things that I am going to do and you could too after reading this blog;

Write down your 2018 goals – be as specific as you can in all areas that are relevant to you; financial, travel and career.

Create a vision board – this is something I did last year and I actually need to update it for 2018. It’s an amazing way of remembering / focusing your goals and seeing them every day.

Write down one thing per day that you keep meaning to do but never get round to it and actually do it. For me, I feel like by writing this blog I have to stick to all the things that I say I’m going to do, as I feel I need to prove it in the following entry. I am a great dreamer and I come up with great ideas but actually going through with the ideas is another story.

Hopefully, if I stick to my goals there will be another blog post this week! 

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