Love Yourself #SelfLoveChallenge

I wanted some inspiration for my next blog post from my Instagram followers, I wanted to know what people want to read about. So I have some new ideas for blog posts that hopefully you all will love. When I started this blog I really wanted to inspire people (especially women) to live their best lives and join me on my journey to me living mine too.

One of the replies I got from my Instagram post was from a girl who said she wanted me to discuss bullying and the affects it can have on developing social anxiety in the future. Although I wouldn’t consider myself to have social anxiety I can definitely relate to being bullied, I think 90% of people can at some point in their life. I was intrigued by this and wanted to know more, I dropped her a message and asked her to elaborate further. One thing that stuck with me was the comment she made

I am in a dead end job while my bullies are living their best life and probably don’t even think about me”.

Now this wasn’t just about bullying it’s about self-love and how we see ourselves and how we value ourselves. Also the fact that things in our pasts can have a lasting effect and can disrupt our future. This is the art of forgiveness we need to forgive other people but also ourselves and allow ourselves to move forward knowing we are going to live our best lives.

In my favourite book “Lucky Bitch” by Denise Duffield-Thomas (ladies please read this book if you haven’t already), there’s a section called “get your boobs on board” and it’s one of my favourite sections of the book. Denise discusses has she felt about her body and that she had to change this perception to excel her life.

So let’s talk about SELF LOVE it’s so important that we love ourselves if we want to live our best lives. All of us have traits we don’t like weather that be physically or mentally. Accept yourself for who you are if you’re a bit “weird” own it make some vlogs, take your insecurity and flip it around and make it a positive.

Something not many people know if you didn’t know me before 13 is I wear REALLY thick glasses. During the day I wear contact lenses – every single day for the past 10 years from the minute I wake up until I get back home. I remember being bullied from primary school about my ‘goggles’ and every time I put them on even now I feel like that same insecure little girl. However, I realised I need to start accepting this (still not ready to go out in public) I have started to let my friends see me in my home in my glasses. Now to someone else this may sound so silly “its only glasses” but to me it’s a huge thing.

Self-love is something as women we find so hard, I think it can be for the fact we speak about our insecurities and we get told ‘get over it’ or the opposite we post ourselves feeling good and can get comments “she thinks she’s so nice”. We really can’t win ladies, but I think we need to stop thinking about other people’s opinions of us, there’s nothing more beautiful that a woman who is comfortable in her own skin!

So my point is we all have something that we hate about ourselves and I think with the use of social media especially as females we are always comparing ourselves to these ‘Instagram models’. I can bet you they even have something they feel insecure about.

I am proposing a new challenge called the #selflovechallenge so today I am going to post a photo of me on Instagram in my glasses! I want all the ladies reading this blog to do the same, post your insecurity and let’s let all females know its ok to be who we are!

When we accept our flaws we will become more confident meaning we will feel better within ourselves, we have less anxiety and depression and we can take on new challenges and push our own boundaries.

Self love is the new surgery

Join me on the #selflovechallenge and drop me an email about how it goes for you!

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