Monday Motivation Week 1 - Finding your purpose

So as you can see from the dates, the procrastination took over me and its now taken around 8 months to actually write this blog post.

The good news is that I am now fully committed to continuing with this blog. 

I have been working on myself and my goals over the past few months and trying to find my 'life purpose'. I can image that everyone at some point in their lives get to the point where they feel like they want to know "what is my life purpose?". This is something that I have spent this year committed to figuring out (as much as I can).

So from all of the books I have been reading (see reading list at the end of the blog) the common theme between all of them is to find what you are passionate about. Two questions that really stood out to me was "As a child what did you love to do?" and "What did you want to be when you grew up?". 

I took to instagram to ask other people this question (so millennial like right?) I asked on my instagram story "Are you doing now what your 10 year old self wanted to do". By no surprise 80% of people said they are not doing what they wanted to do at 10 years old. Now although at 10 I wanted to be either an Archaeologist or have my own clothes shop, right now I don't want to do either. But, what we can take away from this is the skills and traits we need in order to do these jobs. 

Take my example - Archaeologist skills that are needed to become an Archaeologist (according to google) are:

  • Good analytical and investigating skills

  • An enquiring mind

  • Good communication skills

Now these are skills that I possess now and can be linked to other job roles such as my current role as an event manager. 

Again with the shop owner this shows that I have always wanted  to work for myself - still true to this day. This is what really helped me on my journey of finding my purpose in life, and although I am not there yet I feel clearer on what my passions are. 

#MondayMotivationalChallenge - today take a book and write ask yourself the two questions 

  1. What did you love doing as a child?

  2. What did your 10 year old self want to be when you grew up?

Let me know your thoughts on this exercise and how this relates to your life now. 

In my last post I told you about an amazing book that I was listening to which was "The 5 Second Rule". I am currently reading 'The Miracle Morning' and although I did start this last Thursday, I have decided to re do and start today as my first day. Why not join me and experience the journey together? Contact me and let me know your thoughts. 

Reading list of 2018 so far: 

  1. Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill - Still havent finished this book yet and will be making it my 10 minute morning read

  2. You are a Badass - Jen Sincero - LOVED this book will be rereading before the end of the year!

  3. The Magic - Rhonda Byrne - My all time favourite book I found this book around 2014 and will reread this every few months. 

  4. The 5 Second Rule - Mel Robbins - I had this as an dudio book and loved it 

  5. Lucky Bitch - Denise Duffield-Thomas - The book that gave me my spark back! This book honestly changed my life in under one month. 

  6. The Miracle Morning - Hal Elrod - I am currently still reading this book and will be giving you an update on this next month. 

Every Monday I will be posting a Monday Motivation post and will share with you something that inspire me.

With this blog I want to find out what you want to see to know drop me a message to suggest posts. 

Peace & Love 

Janelle x

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