Problems of a Strong Woman

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

I am a strong woman. I always have been and always will be, I have strong opinions and I know what I want out of life. I like being labelled as a strong woman and I take pride in it. I have spent many years building up the armour that we strong women wear, making sure that there aren’t any cracks. The issue with being a strong woman is you have to be the strong woman all the time, not just on Tuesday’s, every single day.

Career and Business

When it comes to our careers we mean business, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and getting to where we want to be in life. Although equality is something that is always mentioned and worked on, as women we still feel the need to prove ourselves. Some of my friends with children are my biggest inspiration, I have friend that's a single mum, goes to university and has a job, if that’s not super woman I don’t know what is.

We rarely let our lives interfere with our jobs and always get up and show up, the key is to never show what’s going on inside.

Being the Strong Friend

Are you the person in your friendship group that everyone runs to with their problems? Of course, you have the best advice and know exactly what you’re talking about right? In reality, we just focus on everyone else’s problems so we don’t have to address our own. I enjoy being the friend that everyone can come to but luckily, for me I have a bunch of bad ass strong women around me who I can use as the strong friend when I need them. Make sure you do too.

The F Word

You knew it was coming right? The big F word that we are all struggling with, Feminist. I would class myself as a feminist and I believe in equal relationships, but as a self sufficient strong woman where do we draw the line? I still believe in traditional values such as man paying if he takes you on a date. Now this doesn't mean that I need a man to pay (god help if a strong woman says she needs a man) but I do enjoy the gesture. Just as much as I enjoy men opening doors, helping to carry something that's clearly too heavy for me to carry and being put in my place if I need it (although I wont give up easily). However, I am big on equal pay and being financially independent.

The biggest problem strong women face is when it comes to dating and relationships.

Dating and Relationships

According to a survey by Pew '60% of millennial women are single', but we aren’t moping about it. We are instead investing energy into different areas of our lives; including our career and well-being, but what are the problems that strong women face when it comes to dating?

Blast from the past

Let’s face it strong women are strong because of a past situation which forced us to put on our amour and vow that we will never get hurt again. We have previously been a vulnerable woman, who wore her heart on her sleeve and ended up heartbroken. So, we took the bricks from the past and built our wall, and we now do not let anyone disturb our flow.

Knowing exactly what we DON’T want

After building our walls, we learnt exactly what it is we DON’T want from a future relationship, so any small signs of repeating the past will show up as massive red flags. We are not prepared to make exceptions, which in all honestly sometimes make us cut situations off before they can even develop in order to not repeat the past.

Career focused

Most female millennial's are taking time to focus on our futures and cannot afford distractions; we have no time to be caught up in negative situations. We are busy building our empires and sometimes partners can be more of a hindrance than help. As highly emotional, nurturing creatures we often put others before ourselves and invest time into making sure everyone else is okay. This is a natural trait that as a strong woman, we shouldn’t lose, but we need to consider balance and making sure our time is invested wisely.

Fear of Wasting Time

I have always said I would rather waste money that waste time, as a person who likes to keep busy I have a huge fear of wasting my time. Although as the quote goes, everything situation we experience is a lesson learned but how many times do we need to learn the same lesson? When it comes to dating, I would rather be single until I find the ‘right’ person, I would rather spend my time working towards my goals than attending dates for the fun of it.

Although we are strong women we do all wanted to love and be loved and I think it takes a hell of a strong and patient man to keep up with us. Also it's okay to take off the amour and be vulnerable sometimes let your femininity flow.

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