Who are Millennials?

If you are not used to the term Millennial you are probably wondering ‘what on earth is girl talking about?’ So here is my explanation of what a millennial is and what this whole millennial generation is all about.

I have read many articles and watched countless videos on YouTube about Millennials and people’s opinions on us, here is my version.

Firstly the age of millennials, I am going to agree with the most common which is aged (in 2018) 22 – 37, which makes me just a millennial at 23. We are the generation that would have grown up with technology already in place such as game consoles and mobile phones. We are born in a generation where there has never been so much change happen.

I think we’re at a stage where it has never been easier to become a millionaire, from entrepreneurs, bloggers, to influencers and TV personalities.

We are in a digital age where most of us have been using technology from a young age and can figure new processes very easily.

If you are from an older generation you have probably heard some rumours about us millennials that I would like to explore and defend (I’m very defensive – I’m working on it).

Millennials don't know what hard work is

The most common rumour I hear and read about us. I believe that older generations don’t understand a concept which I live by “Work smarter not harder”. We don’t want to work 40 hours a week for 40 years to then retire on 40% of our earnings. No way hose!

The difference with our generation we want to live our best lives, the way in which we do that doesn’t require working our way up the corporate ladder (for some of us this is our path). For most of us we want to figure out a way to make a decent living without the years of working tirelessly. We have passion and drive like no other generation before us and were just trying to turn that passion into a pay check!

Check out the list below:

  • Zoella – Mega famous YouTube star – Net worth £12milllion

  • Michael Dapaah – Comedian – Net worth £1million

  • Ed Sheeran – Singer – Net worth - £45million

All these people are under 30 and are absolutely killing the work smarter not harder rule!

Millennials are entitled and selfish.

Whoa woah woah Susan calm down there, entitled and selfish?!

I would say that most of us grew up with amazing parents who told us we can be whatever we want to be, so here we are deciding our own fate and living life on our terms. We are not in a rush to get married and have kids anymore we are making decisions based on happiness. I personally can relate to this a lot I make every decision now based on “is it going to make me happy” if not sorry Susan I’m not doing it. I’m a very selfless person I always try and make others happy. So cross that one off your list.

Millennials are narcissists

“They’re constantly taking selfies and sharing them on social media.”

I agree with the statement at least on my own accord. I am always on social media sometimes I do think I need a break because it can be unproductive. However, as we know from influencers and ‘public figures’ social media can be a platform to generating major £.

About the selfies I think everyone on the planet other than my mum loves a selfie. I don’t think this makes us narcissist – I mean some people on Instagram are total narcissists but let’s not let them defy a whole generation. Lets promote selfies and self love because there are WAY more people out there tearing others down on their photos aka internet trolls.

Anyway to sum up my rant I think we are the most influential generation and we will make an impact. See my poem below about being a millennial (of course like all millennials I have several creative talents)

The Lost Generation

They call us the lost generation because we don’t conform to society

But we’ve done everything by the book so what do you expect us to be?

We went to school and colleges and completed all our exams

But when we share our new ideas you say were getting out of hand

We went to uni to get the job of our dreams

But half us ended up without the job and a newsfeed full of memes

About how were now in debt and cant by a house

And how we want to travel and not look for a spouse

We want to gain life experiences and have stories we want to tell

We have handmade jewlerry, clothes and mixtapes we need to sell

We are the lost generation who just want to be free

But the baby boomers think were nuts like we’ve fallen from the tree

You hate that were always on our phones and were always snapping away

But wouldn’t you be doing the same if it was “back in your day”

We are the dreamers and achievers we’ve changed society for the better

We brought a whole new meaning to the term go getter

We are millennials and we don’t play by the rules

We go around them to source new ways to find the jewells

The lost generation but its ourselves we find

Whilst doing mediation, yoga and focusing on our mind

We believe in the law of attraction and power of the universe

Which is actually old knowledge even if it sounds adverse

We don’t wish to be accepted we wish to be achknowledge

As genuiuses even if we do drop out of college

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