Prevention and Reform

Our Prevention and Reform project will exist to highlight the issues around knife crime, antisocial behaviour and other violent crimes within our community. We aim to provide prevention tools for those who are vulnerable to becoming involved in such activity, whilst ensuring a rehabilitation process is in place for those who have been or are still involved in such.

Our prevention approach will target those around the ages of 8-17 through workshops, seminars and resources. This will include everything from musical production to mental health resources. We look to target those who are at a young age and still finding themselves so we are able to equip them with the tools to develop a passion and strong employability skills - with the hope of preventing potential future criminal behaviour.

Our reform approach will be targeted at those aged 18-24+ and will focus on providing mentoring and counselling that is highly appropriate and accessible, particularly for those who may suffer with trauma such as PTSD after being impacted by violent crimes or those who may be vulnerable to such.

Prevention Workshops 

Reform Mentoring